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Pokemon Go 101: Understanding the Basics


Pokemon Go is all the rage these days and while thousands of people are playing it and running around catching Pikachus and finding PokeStops, there are thousands who are clueless about this game and have no idea what it’s all about. Pokemon Go is not like any other video game that has ever been released. It uses augmented reality and you’ll need to be very active in order to do well in the game. Most video games […]

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4 Tips To Improve At Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is the newest craze and it seems like everyone is playing! If you’re going to play however, you’ll want to maximize your experience so you don’t spend a lot of hours just wasting time. Here are some tips that will let you have fun while leveling up and enjoying the experience! 1. Circles Matter When trying to catch a Pokémon, hold your finger down on the ball so that circles show up on the target.  […]

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5 Tips For Finding More Pokémon


The hot new mobile game, Pokémon Go, focus on one seemingly simple task: Gotta catch ’em all! However, attempts to fill up your Pokédex (that’s Pokémon for a type of encyclopedia where your goal is to include one of each type), can be quite frustrating if you are having a hard time finding enough to keep you busy! People seem to be running around randomly; constantly peering down at their phones with only one goal in mind: […]

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6 Pokemon Secrets No One Is Telling You About!


You must be living on Mars if you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go by now. Even if you don’t play the game, you might have been annoyed at people getting in your way with their phones as they look for creatures. It’s that popular and this craze is sweeping across the US. Unlike normal video games, Pokemon Go requires a lot of physical movement and a certain amount of strategy if you wish to do well. If […]

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